How to Deal with Bleeding Gums When You Have Braces

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When you have braces, it’s easy to forget about your oral hygiene routine and allow plaque and bacteria to grow on your smile and around your braces. This might seem harmless, but it’s not. In fact, if you let plaque live on your smile for too long, gum disease can form, and you can suffer swollen and bloody gums. So, if you witness bloody gums when you clean your smile or even when you eat, there are things you need to do, and our orthodontist, Dr. Brett Gluck, is happy to tell you all about those things.

First, you need to improve your flossing routine. Oftentimes bloody gums mean you don’t floss enough or you don’t floss properly. So, make sure you’re flossing at least once a day, if not more, and also thoroughly and effectively clean the spaces between your teeth and around your appliance.

Second, you need to visit your dentist for a routine dental checkup. You also need to keep up on these appointments, which means you need a cleaning every six months. If you fail to attend your checkups, the gum disease could worsen and affect your smile, mouth, and entire body.

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