Invisalign® Is a Very Popular Way for Adults to Improve Their Smile

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A smooth and winning smile serves you well in many social situations. Many adults with minor alignment issues are put off by the notion of wearing traditional wire and bracket braces. However, Invisalign® can actually give you the winning smile you’ve always wanted in as little as six to eight weeks.

One of Quality Orthodontic Care’s orthodontists can fit you for Invisalign® after conducting a thorough examination of your mouth. We can then work with you to help define your alignment goals and the number of aligners needed to give you achieve your ideal smile.

The aligner trays used by Invisalign® are made from a durable clear plastic material, that makes it hard for the casual observer to spot. To effectively realign your teeth, you will need to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours each day. Each set of aligners is designed to gradually adjust your teeth one step closer to your ideal alignment goals.

Every two weeks you will switch to another set of aligners that are tuned one small step closer to your ideal alignment. Most of the people meet their alignment goals in the course of three or four sets of aligner trays.

While the aligners are in your mouth, you can talk and drink normally. You will need to remove them before eating, using tobacco or chewing gum while the aligners are in your mouth. When you are not wearing the aligners you should keep them in the case provided.

If you want to improve your smile, you should call Quality Orthodontic Care’s Johns Creek, Georgia office at 770-609-3270 to see if you’re a candidate for Invisalign®.