Prevent Orthodontic and Oral Health Problems With These Binkies

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If you want your child to have the best and healthiest smile and oral health possible, it’s best to give them the right pacifiers that do not alter their smile development.

Orthodontic pacifiers in Johns Creek, Georgia, contain an orthodontic nipple, which helps prevent the teeth from moving out of position. It also has a durable plastic that can better withstand friction. If you use one of these pacifiers, your child’s oral health will remain in tip-top shape and they will grow into the healthy and beautiful smile they deserve. Some pacifiers that our Quality Orthodontic Care team recommends using are:

-The Playtex OrthoPro Silicone Pacifier: This binky naturally massages your baby’s gums and promotes healthy smile development.

-The Nuby Gum-Eez Teethers: This binky massages newly erupted teeth and provides comfort. This tends to be a favorite among many children.

-The RazBaby Hands-Free Silicone Teething Pacifier: This binky has a fun, bumpy texture that many children enjoy.

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