Our experienced orthodontists and team can improve your child’s profile as well as their health when we provide dentofacial orthopedics in Johns Creek, Georgia. Keep reading to learn more about how these appliances can correct structural imbalances of the jaw, and call our office if you want your child to receive our care.

Even though braces can do a lot of good in aligning a bad bite and straightening crooked teeth, your child may have skeletal imbalances that can create problems with the jaw and facial structure. For example, a narrow jaw can result in crowded or impacted teeth which may need to be extracted. If the lower jaw grows more quickly than the upper jaw, then it can cause an under bite. A fast growing upper jaw, in contrast, may result in an overbite. These structural issues can cause a myriad of problems, some of which need extensive jaw surgery to repair. However, we can prevent these issues from developing at Quality Orthodontic Care because we provide dentofacial orthopedic appliances.

We suggest starting orthopedic treatment when a child is about seven-years-old because it is more effective while their jaw and facial structures are still growing. If your child has a narrow jaw, then we can use an expander to widen it. Dr. Brett Gluck, Dr. Zachary Levin, and our team provide orthopedic treatment in phases, using orthodontics later on so your child can have a good, strong bite. Please call our office if you want your child to benefit from our dentofacial orthopedics.