Braces Require Pristine Oral Hygiene

Your braces are a serious investment which will correct the alignment of your teeth. Dr. Gluck can adjust the tension on your braces. Over time this will steadily shift your teeth into their ideal position. If any part of your braces becomes broken or you suffer from cavities on multiple teeth, the complications and treatment process may alter the tension... read more »

Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene Practices with Braces

Maintaining good oral hygiene with braces is essential for preventing complications during the realignment process. If you develop cavities on multiple teeth, it could potentially increase the number of adjustments needed to achieve your final smile. To help you maintain good oral hygiene with braces, your orthodontist, Dr. John Fleming, offers the following insights. When brushing your teeth twice each... read more »

Some Special Oral Hygiene Tools Make It Easier to Clean Your Braces

Even though your braces are made from durable materials that are not susceptible to tooth decay, you will still need to clean them. If you develop cavities on multiple teeth, the resulting complications can significantly increase the amount of time you need to wear braces. To aid in this endeavor, your orthodontist, Dr. John Fleming, recommends some special oral hygiene... read more »