The Tips You Need to Properly Brush Your Smile When You Have Braces

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Sometimes brushing your teeth when you have braces is quite challenging. This is to be expected, especially because braces have tiny brackets and wires that can make removing food particles and plaque a tough task. However, no matter how tough brushing can be, it’s still important to properly and effectively clean your teeth and appliance. To help you do so, our orthodontist, Dr. Brett Gluck, has some tips for you.

First, always brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush. A soft brush might not sound like it can properly remove tough and stuck-on food particles and plaque, but it can. In fact, it can effectively scrub and clean your teeth all while caring for your gums and treating them right. This is very important for a top-notch smile and oral health.

Second, before adding toothpaste to your toothbrush, brush your smile with a wet toothbrush. This can help you remove the food particles and plaque that are stuck under your wires and around your brackets. When you brush with toothpaste, it’s tough to see and effectively remove those objects. So, make sure to brush with a wet toothbrush first and then add toothpaste later.

Third, as you scrub with your wet toothbrush at the beginning of your routine, use a picking motion rather than a scrubbing motion. When you use the picking motion, you can reach hard-to-clean areas a lot better than if you were using a scrubbing motion. This is because your brush has many bristles that act as toothpicks. Use them properly and then use your scrubbing motion when you’re done removing the stuck objects.

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