What Can the iTero® Element™ Do?

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Technology seems to change quickly in today’s world. Each new change can bring new features that may astound and amaze us. Technology is also making great strides in the world of dentistry and orthodontics. One such example can be seen with the iTero® Element™.

Dr. Brett Gluck likes to stay informed on the latest technology so that we can offer our best care to you. The iTero Element can capture up to 20 scans per second, and it may capture 2D images that are in color while also capturing accurate 3D laser scans at the same time. This can enable our orthodontist to distinguish between your tooth and gum structures more easily. The scanner is designed to automatically save the incoming data every two seconds to its hard disk, so you might not lose any data if your area loses power.

The display monitor on the iTero Element is a display that is high-definition, and it is a touch screen that can work with latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves. The operating system on this machine can intuitively understand what we may be doing as we can spin, zoom in on, pinch and process images with a simple touch.

If you would like to know more about the iTero Element and you live near Johns Creek, Georgia, please feel free to make an appointment at Quality Orthodontic Care by calling 770-609-3270. We would love to share with you how cutting-edge technology, like this, can make a difference in your care.