You Might Need a Clear Plastic Retainer After Having Your Teeth Corrected by Invisalign®

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Invisalign® is one of the more popular options for adults who need to correct minor deviations in the alignment of their teeth. Through the course of the various aligner changes your teeth will be gradually brought into their ideal position. This will provide you with a more attractive smile and teeth that are less prone to chips, dental fractures, and chronic tooth enamel attrition.

Once the alignment of your dentition has been fully corrected, there will still be a modest amount of tension lingering in your dental sockets. If it’s not mitigated in some way, it might cause your teeth to relapse out of their new alignment.

To help prevent this from occurring Dr. Brett Gluck can usually fit you for a clear plastic retainer. This will be made from a soft, clear plastic material that is very similar to Invisalign®.

You will need to wear the retainer in your mouth during the times Dr. Brett Gluck advises. Cleaning and maintaining your clear plastic retainer will prevent complications in the retention process, while also keep it from being overtly noticeable when you smile.

You can drink normally while wearing the clear plastic retainer is in your mouth. Yet you will need to take it out when you’re eating. When you’re not wearing the clear plastic aligner you should keep it in the case provided.

Periodically rinsing the retainer will help remove any plaque and stuck-on food particles. The clear plastic retainer should be soaked each night in a mixture of cold water and antiseptic mouthwash.

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